Peggy Leigh Art & Design

Creating ART that stirs a melody of emotions.....reminding you to sing your song!

My Story

Peggy has always had a deep need and love to create. In fact, she is often described as an "Eclectic Freelance Artist".  For years, while raising her children, she did various types of creative contract work in graphic arts, faux painting, interior design, make-up artist, singing, writing (published author), and speaking. Yes, the list can be exhausting but it truly describes her creative spirit and drive. With a long time desire to put her creativity on canvas, a Facebook posting for a local art class caught her attention and gave her the fundamentals to fulfill her deep desire to it seems only natural that all her years of creativity can be fulfilled in one location...a CANVAS!!!

Peggy’s home is in Franklin, Tennessee just 30 minutes south of Nashville. She moved here after marrying her husband Tom, who is a local Nashville music producer and engineer. Together, they have been involved in the Nashville music industry for over 36 years. Tom & Peggy have two adult children, one daughter-in-love, and one dog. 

Style & Quality

Each painting is painted with love and care knowing it will fill a special place in the heart of ones home.  With pallet knives, brushes, and even fingers every stroke is formed with purpose and intent to create a uniquely creative masterpiece. Most of all every stroke is a pouring out of love and passion for beauty and for God - from whom all creativity flows.